The Wounded


We all go through this life with wounds and scars that have shaped us into who we are presently. Some may have been self-inflicted and others have not. How we handle these hurts also decides who we will be in the future. Ignoring, medicating or becoming bitter are all destructive, not only to others, but to you and the purpose on your life. Trust me, if you’re breathing, you have a purpose!

Like some, I have been a wounded person for most of my life. Some came from others and some from my own bad choices. I remained wounded because even though I thought I was healed, I didn’t understand how and I continued this cycle of thinking, “I didn’t deserve anything because of this or that in my past, nothing good can happen for a ‘trouble maker’ like me”. Amazing how you take on labels in your life, isn’t it? I had seriously toxic thinking that turned into toxic believing which turned into another wrong turn.

The beautiful thing about being these broken, messed up humans, is the fact that our Creator’s Unconditional Love and Amazing Grace are the only things that will truly break those chains and set you free!

Once I finally came to a place of true humility and stopped putting on my little show of “Life is so Grand”, the Good Lord stepped in and started His Healing. You see, His Healing is not our healing. Sometimes you feel more messed up before you start to feel better. Those long-forgotten wounds need to be re-opened because they weren’t healed correctly and still manifest pain. When He opens those to heal, they become healed forever and that scar has now vanished and been replaced with something beautiful and unexpected.

I always made light of being a “cracked pot”. It wasn’t until I actually went through the breaking and piecing back together that I finally understood and appreciated it. These cracks are filled with His Light because He pieced me back together. As He Heals us, He fills those cracks with His Grace, His Compassion, His Understanding, His Wisdom, His Forgiveness and His Love. We begin to shine with more of His Likeness and when He dries that final tear, you are filled with an indescribable joy and excitement for this new life gifted you! Through the brokenness, I found Grace and He changed me.

cracked pot

I saw this picture of the broken pot. The story below tells of how these pots are continually used and become more valuable with every new crack. They become more valuable because their cracks are filled with gold! These pots are so cherished, the cracks are understood and value placed in them. How amazing could we make our world if we treated everyone we meet with this same point of view? Everyone’s journey has difficulties. It’s time we stop comparing and judging, but rather we view each other with compassion, speak kind words and encouragement. Start to understand that EVERY set of eyes you look through, are eyes of wounded warriors. We are all striving to get through this battle called Life. Don’t be part of the “friendly fire” by ignoring, gossiping or excluding those that you don’t quite understand. Just know this life is a hard one to live. For some, you cannot even fathom their struggles because it is something out of your reach. And, you know what? That’s okay. You don’t have to walk it to give away some Grace. Simply come along side, ask them their story, and know you will find a little more of you. Maybe the Lord is using you to fill those cracks with His gold.

God Bless You!

Jesus is The Reason for This Christmas Season, but I pray HE IS in every season, in every valley and on every mountaintop in your life!