So far today, I’ve had three different things in front of me that say, “REST”.
Okay. I get it. I hear you, Lord!

“Be still and know that I AM God” (Ps. 46:10)

Do we go about saying, “I’m at peace”, “I’m at rest”, “Patiently waiting on the Lord”? I’m certain I’ve stated all of those multiple times all the while hustling and bustling “Doing”. I even caught myself in prayer this morning saying, “Lord, what do you want me to do?!” I was being pretty emotional and emphatic about it, too. Things aren’t happening because I’m not doing enough! Ever feel this way? Ya, me too!

His response, “Rest. Know I AM. I AM in control. I AM will bless you and put you on the path of your heart’s desires. I AM has created you for such a time as this. Be patient, rest, know I AM.”

How can we possibly invite Him onto our boat in the midst of the storms if we don’t recognize His ability to calm it? Can we keep the ship from being tossed about, leaking or sinking? It’s amazing how many times I catch myself thinking I can! How arrogant?!!

To live a life surrendered to Christ; filled and covered in His amazing Grace has to be a recognition of how much we need Him every moment of every day and submitting ourselves to it.

So, today, that is what I can “Do”. I am going to REST. Rest in knowing He has control of this crazy ship. I cannot do anything better than Him. What I can do is rest in the Peace He gifts me in my obedience.

No more worrying.
Be still and know I AM.

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