Wounded Warriors, Please Stand Up



I had this phrase going through my head all day & then while getting ready for the day, was given a vision of soldiers fighting to climb up the side of a cliff.
I heard, “You’ve continually been kicked down, beat down, knocked down; but you keep getting up. You know there’s more than this disappointment that you’ve experienced. Some have chosen to accept defeat, accept the victim mentality, and accept the orphan spirit. But, you have not. In fact, every time you get knocked down, you get back up, angrier than before. It’s a righteous anger because you know who you are. You know WHOSE you are! Your dreams I have given you are worth this fight. No one else understands it, but you do. In the midst of all the rejection, you have refused to listen to rejection & turned it into understanding & compassion. You have refused the unforgiving bitterness that has tried to creep in and spoke out my love over all. Every time you chose to do this, you have moved up higher. I know it hasn’t felt this way, but in the feeling of this free-fall, it has been the opposite. You are going to open your eyes & you will see I have placed you high on top. Because of the battle you’ve endured, your loving compassion will instinctively reach out and start to pull others up to where you are. Guarding and protecting them, healing them, giving them whatever provision they need. You will have what they need because I am giving it to you. You will have an overabundant supply of everything because you have been faithful with the ‘not enough’ you’ve had during this battle. You see more clearly with your Faith Eyes than you do your physical. This is what my plan was for you during your solitude. I know you’ve felt lonely, but I also know that you knew I was here with you. I have captured every tear that you have cried. They all have had a purpose; a cleansing for you. You have become what I have always planned for you to be. You are my new creation, my philanthropic missionary. You will be the answer to peoples’ prayers, I will send you to heal the sick, love the broken hearts and spread my Parental love to the parentless. I will use you and the others I have connected you with to break this orphan spirit that has encapsulated so many.”

For those looking up that steep cliffside, feeling discouraged, beat down & unworthy; I know how you feel. I understand how it feels to be under the condemnation of bad choices made, under the “fault” from others’ bad choices, wide-open ears to the lies of gossip & rejection.
I say all that to tell you this: Yes, you have been a victim. Do you need this validation? If so, hear this validation, but please also hear that being the victim is NOT WHO YOU ARE! You have so much more to do with your life & for others you come in contact with. It’s time for you to get up, dust yourself off of all that junk that’s clinging on! You know deep inside it doesn’t belong. It won’t be easy, but it will be SO worth it!! Shake off the lies & start climbing!


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