Battlefield to Hospital to Special Forces

Battlefield to Hospital to Special Forces


As I was running errands today, the Lord brought a phrase to my mind: From the Battlefield, to the hospital, to Special Forces.

Needless to say, I was a bit confused. I wasn’t sure what He meant by this until He started churning up pieces of my own testimony. As I’ve shared before, these past four plus years have been quite the journey into healing and understanding of my identity; my true identity in Christ.

We all at some point get battered, bruised and wounded on the battlefield of life. It truly doesn’t matter how, but we know it happens and then you seek healing for it. Some of us rush right back onto the field then back into the hospital. It ends up being a cycle of repetition because we were never truly healed in the first place. I never understood this cycle because I was on it for so long. It wasn’t until I couldn’t actually leave the hospital that I was able to gain the healing needed and my true identity without the distraction of battle.



Here’s one of the awesome things about our Heavenly Father: He doesn’t just heal our wounds. No, He’ll restore you to better than before. In His hospital, He encourages you and lifts you up, He wraps us in His love. He’s adorns you with the medals of valor, purple hearts, silver stars; all those special recognitions gained in the midst of battle. He’s a proud Daddy! But guess what? He’s not sending us back out onto the battlefield. While we’ve been healing, He’s been training us. Taking all the bad from the past, and making it into something beautiful and good: wisdom for the Special Forces teams He is placing us on!

Because we now walk out of that healing fully restored and filled with His Grace & Love, He is going to use us for something that takes more “skill”. Did you battle with the Orphan Spirit and Rejection in the past? Guess what team you’re going to be on? Yes, you guessed it! You’re going forth with eyes to see it; ears to hear the painful twinges of it in others’ words and you’re going to call it for what it is! You’re going to call it out from that deep roar inside of you fueled by righteous anger. Then, His unconditional Love is going to pour out of you onto all surrounding you. Orphans will be instantly adopted into the fold and know what perfect love feels like! Did you battle with addictions and insecurity? Guess what, Baby? You will be His voice filled boldness; pouring out Truth and being used for miraculous healing!

This power of Life will be shooting out of all of us, like fiery darts from a well-aimed bow. Everything, I mean everything, that you shoot out under the power and in the name of Jesus will never falter, it will never fall flat, it will ALWAYS hit the target!!



I have a fire that’s been smoldering inside of me for quite some time and now I just cannot wait for it to burst forth! I feel like that lion pacing back and forth, eye on the target, ready to be released! I KNOW I’m not the only one feeling like this! We are that generation; no holding back, standing firm, marching forward, bringing in the old harvest and all the new seeds being planted are being miraculously grown to maturity instantly!

I know we are incredibly lethal to the enemy’s plans, so he will try to deter you. When adversity finds its way in your line of sight, visualize the Feasting Table in Psalm 23.


“He prepares a table before me, IN the presence of my enemies.”


My friends, sit on down, have a bite to eat and something to drink, then kick on back, put your feet up on that table and smile. You, my friend, are in a place of protection and peace. You are on solid ground because you know Who you belong to. You’re not a one-man army. There are legions of us right beside you; knocking them out one by one, declaring the goodness and the promises of our Father! IT IS FINISHED!



Peace In The Quiver


I don’t know about you, but I have found myself struggling once again with contentment in where I am at this point in time. The enemy has been working overtime screaming junk into my ears and trying to play on my emotions.

How do we think and feel when we’ve been walking along side people and then they get picked up out of the quiver and shot out? Do you have thoughts like, “I’ve been sitting in here longer than them!”? It leaves you wondering if you did something wrong or didn’t quite learn a lesson you were supposed to; it leaves you questioning a lot of things, doesn’t it? It’s all lies!! But, this has been my battle over the past week or so. I’ve been in this seclusion season for quite a while. It took me some time to understand it, but once I saw what God was doing with and in me, I was content and became a more eager student.

I had to be reshaped and sharpened. I wasn’t an arrow that would be able to fly anywhere and most certainly wouldn’t penetrate any target.

shaping arrow

I’m not sure what all goes into making arrows, but I’m sure there has to be the right kind of wood, shaved down to remove imperfections that may resist wind. I’m sure it has to be light enough to be carried by the wind and skinny enough to cut through the wind in order to maintain the intended trajectory. It also needs the right tip. Again, this needs to be made with the right materials and in proper shape so that when it reaches its target, it does exactly what it was created to do.

Last night I was battling again in my mind as I was trying to fall asleep and all of a sudden I heard the Lord say to me, “Peace in the quiver”.

I’ve gone through this recreation, molding, shaving, shaping, shifting, learning process and for the past several months I’ve just been screaming, “Lord, please use me! I know I’m ready!” So, I’ve been sitting in His quiver encouraging and cheering on all these amazing arrows that I’ve been getting to know and then also excitedly cheering them on when He picks them up and shoots them out. But, even through this genuine excitement, there has been that thought of, “what about me?” I feel like He has finished me (for now), put me in His quiver and now I’m waiting. In the midst of this waiting, I have allowed lies to steal my Peace, I have allowed them to place doubt and insecurity in my mind.


I had a crazy night of no sleep and warring against all that was coming against me. When I got up this morning, I was so mad. I was mad that the enemy felt he had the right to try to rob me of my sleep and then I remembered that phrase of ‘Peace in the quiver’ and got even angrier because I had let go of that Peace as well.

The best thing I know to do is to stuff it back in the enemy’s face by sharing this with and encouraging others. Here’s the deal: if we allow him to steal these things, it means we’ve begun to question our identity. We momentarily forget whose we are. We forget that there is a plan and purpose on our lives. When we are standing firm in our identity as a son and daughter of God, nothing, and I mean nothing can take anything away from us.

I may still be in His quiver, but knowing that I am ready to be used by Him is so awesome! Until His perfect time comes, I will wait, I will have Joy and Peace & continue encouraging all the other arrows I get to meet. I will rejoice when they shoot out and pray that every target they hit is a bulls eye!

Psalm 120:7 “I am a man of Peace; but when I speak, they are for war.”




I’ve been hearing a deep, loud roar, like a war cry, from those of us in our discontentment with the status quo; not willing to accept things the way they’ve always been. We’re sick of the monotony of our daily lives; we want more. Not in an “entertain me” point of view or “entitlement” mentality, but in a “we’ve tasted and seen what our Heavenly Father will do and we want more”.

We have become irrevocable because we now know who we are and whose we are. When you know you’re the son and daughter of Christ, the love that overflows is uncontrollable; you want to be able to pour out over all. We should be seeing more people healed of disease and sickness; more cancer patients with clean scans than ones being diagnosed, blind eyes and deaf ears open and the lame walking. Why are those so few and far between? It shouldn’t be unusual; it should be the norm.


Why is church considered only church when inside a building? We ARE the church; we take it everywhere we go! I want to see people getting wrecked by the Father’s love while doing their grocery shopping, pumping gas and at the playground.

I’m seeing lives transformed and empowered on social media and people reaching out around the world on Periscope. Only God can do this and it is being done by people willing to be used by Him.

I’m so sick of people being ignored and stuffed down by those unable to break free from the chains of their own judgments and/or traditions. I’m not knocking tradition because there are fundamental truths that need to be present in order to maintain balance. But, Father’s love cannot be contained within tradition’s concrete. It has to be fluid and poured out over all; His Love and Grace are the only things that break down barriers, open prison doors and sets people free. It’s time we recognize the truth that we ARE the church, individually and corporately through the power of Heavenly Father’s love, will bring about revival; revival within ourselves, revival within our families, our friends, our neighbors, our town, state, country and the world.