Battlefield to Hospital to Special Forces

Battlefield to Hospital to Special Forces


As I was running errands today, the Lord brought a phrase to my mind: From the Battlefield, to the hospital, to Special Forces.

Needless to say, I was a bit confused. I wasn’t sure what He meant by this until He started churning up pieces of my own testimony. As I’ve shared before, these past four plus years have been quite the journey into healing and understanding of my identity; my true identity in Christ.

We all at some point get battered, bruised and wounded on the battlefield of life. It truly doesn’t matter how, but we know it happens and then you seek healing for it. Some of us rush right back onto the field then back into the hospital. It ends up being a cycle of repetition because we were never truly healed in the first place. I never understood this cycle because I was on it for so long. It wasn’t until I couldn’t actually leave the hospital that I was able to gain the healing needed and my true identity without the distraction of battle.



Here’s one of the awesome things about our Heavenly Father: He doesn’t just heal our wounds. No, He’ll restore you to better than before. In His hospital, He encourages you and lifts you up, He wraps us in His love. He’s adorns you with the medals of valor, purple hearts, silver stars; all those special recognitions gained in the midst of battle. He’s a proud Daddy! But guess what? He’s not sending us back out onto the battlefield. While we’ve been healing, He’s been training us. Taking all the bad from the past, and making it into something beautiful and good: wisdom for the Special Forces teams He is placing us on!

Because we now walk out of that healing fully restored and filled with His Grace & Love, He is going to use us for something that takes more “skill”. Did you battle with the Orphan Spirit and Rejection in the past? Guess what team you’re going to be on? Yes, you guessed it! You’re going forth with eyes to see it; ears to hear the painful twinges of it in others’ words and you’re going to call it for what it is! You’re going to call it out from that deep roar inside of you fueled by righteous anger. Then, His unconditional Love is going to pour out of you onto all surrounding you. Orphans will be instantly adopted into the fold and know what perfect love feels like! Did you battle with addictions and insecurity? Guess what, Baby? You will be His voice filled boldness; pouring out Truth and being used for miraculous healing!

This power of Life will be shooting out of all of us, like fiery darts from a well-aimed bow. Everything, I mean everything, that you shoot out under the power and in the name of Jesus will never falter, it will never fall flat, it will ALWAYS hit the target!!



I have a fire that’s been smoldering inside of me for quite some time and now I just cannot wait for it to burst forth! I feel like that lion pacing back and forth, eye on the target, ready to be released! I KNOW I’m not the only one feeling like this! We are that generation; no holding back, standing firm, marching forward, bringing in the old harvest and all the new seeds being planted are being miraculously grown to maturity instantly!

I know we are incredibly lethal to the enemy’s plans, so he will try to deter you. When adversity finds its way in your line of sight, visualize the Feasting Table in Psalm 23.


“He prepares a table before me, IN the presence of my enemies.”


My friends, sit on down, have a bite to eat and something to drink, then kick on back, put your feet up on that table and smile. You, my friend, are in a place of protection and peace. You are on solid ground because you know Who you belong to. You’re not a one-man army. There are legions of us right beside you; knocking them out one by one, declaring the goodness and the promises of our Father! IT IS FINISHED!