I’ve been hearing a deep, loud roar, like a war cry, from those of us in our discontentment with the status quo; not willing to accept things the way they’ve always been. We’re sick of the monotony of our daily lives; we want more. Not in an “entertain me” point of view or “entitlement” mentality, but in a “we’ve tasted and seen what our Heavenly Father will do and we want more”.

We have become irrevocable because we now know who we are and whose we are. When you know you’re the son and daughter of Christ, the love that overflows is uncontrollable; you want to be able to pour out over all. We should be seeing more people healed of disease and sickness; more cancer patients with clean scans than ones being diagnosed, blind eyes and deaf ears open and the lame walking. Why are those so few and far between? It shouldn’t be unusual; it should be the norm.


Why is church considered only church when inside a building? We ARE the church; we take it everywhere we go! I want to see people getting wrecked by the Father’s love while doing their grocery shopping, pumping gas and at the playground.

I’m seeing lives transformed and empowered on social media and people reaching out around the world on Periscope. Only God can do this and it is being done by people willing to be used by Him.

I’m so sick of people being ignored and stuffed down by those unable to break free from the chains of their own judgments and/or traditions. I’m not knocking tradition because there are fundamental truths that need to be present in order to maintain balance. But, Father’s love cannot be contained within tradition’s concrete. It has to be fluid and poured out over all; His Love and Grace are the only things that break down barriers, open prison doors and sets people free. It’s time we recognize the truth that we ARE the church, individually and corporately through the power of Heavenly Father’s love, will bring about revival; revival within ourselves, revival within our families, our friends, our neighbors, our town, state, country and the world.



One thought on “#Iamrevival

  1. Yes, we are the church. It’s not a building and we should be God’s love, light, and instruments of His healing wherever we go.


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