Peace In The Quiver


I don’t know about you, but I have found myself struggling once again with contentment in where I am at this point in time. The enemy has been working overtime screaming junk into my ears and trying to play on my emotions.

How do we think and feel when we’ve been walking along side people and then they get picked up out of the quiver and shot out? Do you have thoughts like, “I’ve been sitting in here longer than them!”? It leaves you wondering if you did something wrong or didn’t quite learn a lesson you were supposed to; it leaves you questioning a lot of things, doesn’t it? It’s all lies!! But, this has been my battle over the past week or so. I’ve been in this seclusion season for quite a while. It took me some time to understand it, but once I saw what God was doing with and in me, I was content and became a more eager student.

I had to be reshaped and sharpened. I wasn’t an arrow that would be able to fly anywhere and most certainly wouldn’t penetrate any target.

shaping arrow

I’m not sure what all goes into making arrows, but I’m sure there has to be the right kind of wood, shaved down to remove imperfections that may resist wind. I’m sure it has to be light enough to be carried by the wind and skinny enough to cut through the wind in order to maintain the intended trajectory. It also needs the right tip. Again, this needs to be made with the right materials and in proper shape so that when it reaches its target, it does exactly what it was created to do.

Last night I was battling again in my mind as I was trying to fall asleep and all of a sudden I heard the Lord say to me, “Peace in the quiver”.

I’ve gone through this recreation, molding, shaving, shaping, shifting, learning process and for the past several months I’ve just been screaming, “Lord, please use me! I know I’m ready!” So, I’ve been sitting in His quiver encouraging and cheering on all these amazing arrows that I’ve been getting to know and then also excitedly cheering them on when He picks them up and shoots them out. But, even through this genuine excitement, there has been that thought of, “what about me?” I feel like He has finished me (for now), put me in His quiver and now I’m waiting. In the midst of this waiting, I have allowed lies to steal my Peace, I have allowed them to place doubt and insecurity in my mind.


I had a crazy night of no sleep and warring against all that was coming against me. When I got up this morning, I was so mad. I was mad that the enemy felt he had the right to try to rob me of my sleep and then I remembered that phrase of ‘Peace in the quiver’ and got even angrier because I had let go of that Peace as well.

The best thing I know to do is to stuff it back in the enemy’s face by sharing this with and encouraging others. Here’s the deal: if we allow him to steal these things, it means we’ve begun to question our identity. We momentarily forget whose we are. We forget that there is a plan and purpose on our lives. When we are standing firm in our identity as a son and daughter of God, nothing, and I mean nothing can take anything away from us.

I may still be in His quiver, but knowing that I am ready to be used by Him is so awesome! Until His perfect time comes, I will wait, I will have Joy and Peace & continue encouraging all the other arrows I get to meet. I will rejoice when they shoot out and pray that every target they hit is a bulls eye!

Psalm 120:7 “I am a man of Peace; but when I speak, they are for war.”



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