The Feasting Table

feasting table4

I’ve had a sense that a lot of us are feeling heavy, worn out and/or discouraged in this particular season. There are so many awesome promises being spoken over the Body of Christ. There are even more words of encouragement, dreams, visions and prophesies being spoken! It is all extremely exciting!

I believe the heaviness I’m feeling is from the group of us that although we’re claiming these promises, nothing seems to be manifesting for us. Let me say this; this is where the rubber meets the road. Either you’re going to be up for the journey or you’re not. I’m up for it and I have been reminded of some faith walks in the Bible. Abraham’s faith walk was a journey up a mountain to sacrifice his biggest dream; his answered prayer, his son, Isaac. Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego’s faith walk was straight into a fiery furnace stating that they believed God would save them, but IF NOT, then it’s in God’s ultimate plan. Did they fully know God’s plan for their life? No. Did they trust in it? Absolutely.

I know in my heart what the Lord has spoken to me & over me. What I do not know is how or when that will manifest. So, when weeks like this come about, I hold onto those promises a lot tighter in the midst of my doubt and frustration. I read them over and over and speak them out a little bit louder. And then, without hesitation, the Lord takes me back to Psalm 23. What amazing Peace!

I’ve always been a bit of a strong-willed person and with that strong will comes a little attitude. Taming it to an appropriate level is still a work in progress! But, because my Daddy knows me so well, He highlights scriptures like Psalm 23 to speak calm, trusting peace over me. I always get hung up on verse 5, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” I always picture this in my head.

I will try to describe what I see every time I read this.

Picture a massive feasting table. It’s covered with any food you could ever want to eat. Surrounding this table are huge chairs. As you sit in your chair, you look around away from the table and all you see are faces you don’t recognize but you know whom they are. They are all the lying words that were ever spoken over you and to you. They are the ones sent to place doubt into your mind. They are the ones telling you that you will never be more than what you are. They are the ones telling you that you aren’t good enough to call yourself a Christian. They are the ones telling you that your dreams are foolish. They are the ones speaking judgment, condemnation and rejection because of your past mistakes. All those reminders of who you used to be BEFORE you were invited to sit at that Feasting Table. They’re sitting and screaming all of these things.

Here’s the beauty of sitting at that Feasting Table: Although you can see them, you have no fear. Although you think you should be able to hear their screams, their words cannot reach your ears. The Feasting Table is all about Peace. When you’re at peace, nothing shakes you. When you’re at Peace, you’re at rest.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m enjoying a good meal with good company, I am kicked back enjoying every moment and every joke. If it weren’t bad table manners, I’d kick my feet up onto the table! And, that’s where my “attitude” comes in. Not in a full-on arrogant way, but in a way to show and say to the enemy, “Whatever, man! Try all you want, you aren’t getting to me. I know who and Whose I am, so even though you’re trying to get to me, it won’t work and every moment I live from this time forward, you’re going to regret messing with me!” That’s when I pick up my food, kick my feet up onto the table and laugh! It’s a beautiful thing!!

The next best thing is what comes after this. While you’re at the resting, trusting, peaceful Feasting Table; He anoints us. When we are at peace inside His Will, His Plans for our lives, He pulls us closer, whispers wisdom to us, gives us more details of what He has planned for us to do and our cup overflows. He over-answers our prayers and blesses us in ways we never dreamed.

So, to all of you weary and heavy-laden, I give you this: Find your way to the Feasting Table. There you will find rest, peace, restoration, redemption, joy and victory over all that is surrounding you.