Restore to Better Than Before

Sept. 25, 2016

My Mom used to joke around with me when growing up; that I was always taking my time with things & had done so on the day of my birth arriving at 11:59 pm. This has been something highlighted to me during seasons throughout my life.
As I was having some quiet time tonight, I felt the Lord speaking to me about this “final minute” of this Year of Jubilee.
For the past few nights as I have been going to sleep the phrase “Restore to better than before” literally on repeat & singing me to sleep. Because of this, I have been speaking this out loud in declaration over me & my family when I’m awake!

For me, the Lord has restored me in so many ways. I’m more forgiving, more patient, more understanding, more wise & more loving; more than I have ever been in my entire life. There are still things I’m believing Him for in THIS Jubilee Year. I’m am a “prisoner of Hope” with these things! 

I wanted to encourage all of us to not panic at the physical ticking of the clock. When Daddy promises something, He WILL fulfill it! Do not let doubt creep in or give the negative whispers permission to speak!
He IS restoring His church, His Bride (that’s ALL OF US…every single one), to do above & beyond anything we have ever thought, dreamed or asked! Eph. 3:20!!!


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