Square Peg, Round Hole

I’ve been chewing on this word I’ve had for a while now and on Sunday night, I felt the Lord saying to share it now.

I’ve never really liked the label “Generation X” (of course, I don’t care for labels, period). It’s always felt like it was saying, “This generation has no real purpose or value, they’re no one special, just cross them off the list, look over them and ignore, etc.” I know from my own life experiences and what I know now, this was exactly the plan the enemy has had for this generation. Yes, I made a lot of poor choices for a lot of my years that should have wiped me out, but there was divine protection. I know a lot of people that can say the same thing. The wiping out of this generation has been rampant because of the true purposes on these lives! So, instead of “crossing out” I see and hear this generation as “X Marks THE Spot!!” There are going to be some truly amazing treasures uncovered through this special generation!!



About a week ago, I woke up one morning with this picture in my mind of all of these round pegs fitting nicely in the round holes and me as the square peg sitting outside unable to fit. This isn’t new to me. I have always felt this way for a good portion of my life. A lot of my early years I simply was not ever comfortable in my own skin, not knowing who I was or really what I felt or believed in. My most recent bout with this simply just boils down to: where do I fit in this world; what exactly is my purpose?

This “not fitting in” has always had a negative connotation to me though. You know, not fitting in, not conforming, not going with the flow, not following all the rules, not coloring inside of the lines. As I was listening in on a live broadcast, I made a comment about being a puzzle piece put away in the wrong puzzle box. And, in that moment it hit me. I was made to stand out. I was made to be different and there’s nothing negative about that!

What I have found over the last several years is a lot of us in the Generation X generation have very much felt stuck on the sidelines; riding the bench in life. Never made to feel all that important or that we had much to offer. Yes, we get along with the older generation and we get along with the younger generation.  But, never having or knowing or filling any deep purpose for anything that our heart longs to do. And in all of these thoughts and sitting here processing it, it just hit me: we were all made to be those square pegs in this round-holed world. We are made to shine, to look different, to be different, to show others how to stand out, stand up, think for ourselves; not conform (in a respectful way), to be that individual unique person that we were created to be. And maybe Gen X’s purpose is to call that out, speak it out and help the older generation understand that conformity and coloring inside the lines isn’t the way to do life anymore. And to the Millennials, showing them how to embrace their individuality, but doing it in a way that is respectful and kind and not condescending to the older generations. I’m watching these Benjamin and Joseph generations rising up and it’s a miraculous and amazing thing to see and finding where you fit in that place could also be a part of that square peg in a round hole. You want to fit in somewhere, you want to be a part of something and you want to have that tribe of people that see value in you. I think a lot of us have felt that in the search for that tribe, we have found ourselves very much alone. Alone on the battlefields, alone in the caves, alone in the pits, in the prisons and no one there to really cover and lift up and pray for us. I know those things have been a continual battle for me over the last several years and what I found is that I simply need to keep seeking, keep staying in the quiet place and listening for the Lord’s voice; not seeking or listening for other voices or affirmation.

The Gen X generation doesn’t want to be on the sidelines, we very much don’t want to be the bench riders; we want to be included. I believe Gen X-ers are done being excluded and looked over and not understood that we have a great deal of wisdom to pour out and no one is giving opportunity to do that. But in this, there absolutely cannot be an orphan spirit, bitterness, rejection, resentment or entitlement. That can most definitely be a battle and I think that’s a big battle for a lot of us Gen X-ers. Rejection is hard, not fitting in is hard, and when it always comes with a negative connotation, it’s hard to embrace the positivity that comes with not fitting in.

I believe a lot of us are part of that forerunner and pioneer generation that’s moving out and moving up because we’ve never fit in no matter where we were, no matter what role we were serving in, we never really fully fit. It was because all those things had tight boundaries and tight lines and we just didn’t want to only color inside those lines; we want the outside of the lines to fit and be a part of that as well. We look at life and boundaries not as something like a brick wall, but something that is fluid. It can be moved and shaped and reshaped and that’s really where we’re moving; especially in today’s environment. You’ve got to be able to move and mold and reshape yourself, not to change who you are, but to be more accepting of everyone else who comes in their own shape. To be able to walk alongside and willing to understand how those person’s shoes fit them, where their life walk has been, to help them see who they truly are outside of their wounds and imperfections. Every word and action has to be done at the prompting of Holy Spirit and filled with Love.

So, to all of you square pegs in this round-holed world, I say shine bright, continue to be your own individual self, continue to move and grow and morph and color outside those lines and let the Lord lead you and use you how he sees fit for His purpose and His plans on your life!


The past couple of days I have felt the Lord saying:

“You are no longer going to be on the sidelines, riding the bench. This generation is a mixture of Josephs and Esthers. You’ve been given huge dreams, endured the rejections, the prisons, the being orphaned. You’ve had a small taste of life outside of those hard and dark places. It was enough of a taste to keep you seeking me; seeking my face, my plans and my purpose. You have been in the preparation rooms long enough and were created for such a time as this!! My special player, my secret weapon, you have patiently waited on the bench, you have cheered on the team, you are being given a play that no other players can carry out. Be encouraged, excited and stop being fearful of your hopes and dreams. I’m giving you permission to hope and continue holding onto those big dreams I gave you!”