Liberia, Nigeria, Malawi, Africa

As I began to write this down, I was questioning about the timing to release it. I suddenly had this sense of urgency to get it out right away. I felt strongly there have been people interceding within and for these countries that are beginning to feel worn down, defeated and ineffective. This word is FOR YOU!! Your intercession has reached the Throne Room of Heaven and help and change are on the way!!!

While in worship, I had a new sound come over and out of me, a sound of a desperate crying out for change to come. I heard Liberia, Nigeria and Malawi.

I began to sing:

Let it Rain

Let it Rain

Let it Rain

Removing all the pain

Let it Rain

Let it Rain

Let it Rain

All the horrifying will turn to Glorifying

Let it Rain

Let it Rain

Let it Rain

After this worship, I saw sunrises and sunsets on bountiful crops of various foods, growing in barren places. I heard orphans no more, orphans no more!!!

“I am bringing a NEW THING! I am Restoring all to the way I intended them to be long ago. This generation I am raising up are shifting all things! Their hearts are crying no more, no more, no more! I am placing them in high places. Like Joseph, they have been given dreams by me at childhood, they have been in poverty and droughts but I am placing them in the palace places to enact change. My purpose for these nations and this continent will be made manifest! I AM RAINING DOWN. I AM REIGNING OVER ALL!!”


One thought on “Liberia, Nigeria, Malawi, Africa

  1. bond0servant says:

    Wonderful prophetic word !!


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